Your Back To School Coffee Guide

I don’t know about you, but whether or not I’m actually attending school in September, the change to fall makes me want to buy new notebooks and buckle down to work. Whether or not you’re a parent of school-aged kids, a University bound teen, or looking to give your office a fall boost, here’s our guide to the latest brewers and beans. 

For New Parents:


New parents, we get it, you haven’t slept since before the baby was born and you’re so sleep deprived that counting out scoops for a drip brewer just isn’t going to happen. Also, with the cost of formula and diapers you’re looking for something budget-friendly.


We Recommend: Caffitaly S07

Pair it with: Caffitaly Capsules

This espresso machine is a step up from your average pod machine with 15 bar pressure to create a true espresso. With a huge water container and waste bin, it’ll keep brewing during those 5am feedings. Baby finally taking a nap? Froth some milk and take a second to recharge with a foamy latte or cappuccino.


For Parents of Young Kids: 

With the morning rush of gathering your notes for that meeting and finding four pairs of missing lucky socks, you need something fast, hot, and strong.

Pair it with:  Starbucks Pike Place Bean

The best part about this brewer is you can program it for your morning schedule, load it with beans and water, and forget it. The insulated carafe will keep it hot all morning, and the built in burr grinder will grind strong, fresh-tasting coffee.


For Parents With Teenagers: 

Teens of the house starting to drink their own morning beverage? A machine that offers more variety is the way to go here to answer everyone’s personal taste in coffee.


We recommend: Keurig K425

Pair it with: Try shopping our K-Cups individually! Same great options, but you can mix and match exactly what you need. 

This brewer is the epitome of variety. Pick up some hot chocolate or decaf options for the younger kids, but keep yourself stocked up on the strong extra-bold options you love. 

For University Students:


Between late night studying and early morning “headaches” the cafeteria coffee might just not cut it. You want something affordable, great-tasting, and sized for a dorm room.

We Recommend: Nespresso Inissia or Nespresso Inissia Bundle


Not only are these awesome brewers, but they’re also on sale for budget minded grads. Only need espresso? The single Inissia is a perfect size for a pint sized dorm room, and brews a strong and true espresso. Want something with milk? Opt for the bundle to brew Starbucks quality lattes at half the price.


For Office Workers:

Looking to spruce up the break-room to join the motivational feeling of September? Give your employees the great taste of artisan coffee and cut down on midday Starbucks runs. 


We Recommend: Saeco Minuto Focus Automatic Espresso Machine

Pair It With: One of our 5lb bags of Pilot Espresso Blends to keep your kitchen stocked for a while and boost morale by supporting a local roaster.


Snap this machine up for a deal this month and save $100 on a truly wonderful all-in-one machine. While it’s not ideal for a larger office, small offices or executive kitchens will love the professional tasting espresso it brews.


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