Our Latest Sustainable Initiative: Bullfrog Green Fuel

Words From Our President & Chief Caffeinator Claudio David:

The reason Office Coffee Solutions is adopting Bullfrog’s Green Fuel is pretty simple. I have three children and would like to leave them a healthy and sustainable world.

Bullfrog’s Green Fuel model is based off what they call “displacement”. The amount of fossil-fuels being consumed by the vans of both Office Coffee Solutions’ & their partners, Mindful Snacks, will now be replaced with an earth-friendly renewable resource derived from biodiesel producers who repurpose waste streams. It’s the latest initiative we’ve added to our social responsibility plan, but it does not nearly encompass everything we’re trying to accomplish.

How Bullfrog Works: 

Too many times in our industry, companies are merely trying to play catch-up. They implement “Band- Aids” to cover the damage already done. Our work begins with initial supplier discussions, and when appropriate, even demanding certain standards which have a direct impact. However, real change doesn’t occur overnight, and I’ve always preferred a partnership approach to work in collaboration with suppliers.


The complacency of the industry doesn’t end with sustainability. In fact, twenty years ago when I started the company the industry was stagnant. A couple of companies dominated the GTA with limited product selection and low service standards. Office workers perceived their office coffee to be “drinkable” at best and escaped to their local coffee shop whenever possible. I saw a great opportunity to bring excitement back into the office kitchen. In order to achieve this, we put together an incredible team, worked on sourcing new products, carefully defined service standards, and partner with clients that want to transform their office kitchen into a valued employee perk.


Today, I continue to push our group to raise the bar, especially our own bar to lead by example. We pay our team above industry averages to ensure we have the best group in the industry, we invest in technology to continue to improve service delivery, and work hard to be great global citizens. I hope our colleagues in the field mimic or replicate our initiative with green fuel. The point of these efforts isn’t to point out how we’re better than other companies, but to inspire other companies on what they can do to be better.  


The next step for Home and Office Coffee Solutions is our recent venture with Partners in Project Green, who will be invaluable for future sustainable initiatives.


Claudio David
President & Chief Caffeinator

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