500 Days Of Growth: What The Profit 500 Achievement Means To Our Team

This is the fourth consecutive time Office Coffee Solutions Ltd. has been named on the Canadian Profit 500 list of Fastest Growing Companies. Of course, this achievement wouldn’t be possible without the help of our partners and clients, but most of all our incredible employees. Since their input has shaped the way we’ve developed, and how we’ll continue to change, this year’s piece will focus on what they have to say about how we’ve grown in the last 500 days, and how they hope we’ll develop in the coming 500.


What have you seen as the biggest change, or growth, in the past 500 days at Office Coffee Solutions?


“Last year we added a retail service and repair element to the company, it’s been really interesting to see people coming in with machines for repair and how that part of the company has grown so quickly. We also have done a lot of remodelling and decorating since I’ve started and the new offices are very nice.” - Rhea Vaz, Logistics Manager


“We’re constantly increasing the use of technology, especially on mobile devices, into our logistics. It’s really amped up the quality of our work in the warehouse and lifted our operations to a new level.” - Josh Playford, Warehouse Supervisor


“Having more employees in the front office has really stood out for me. Rather than a couple of people working independently it’s become more of a team effort. Also, we have way more snacks and sometimes a team members dog comes to visit and that never happened before.” - Ryan Choudhry, Operations Manager


How would you like to see us grow as a company in the next 500 days?


“When we grow as a company everyone in the company has the opportunity for growth. People get to expand their skill set and develop talent, so that’s what I would like to see moving forward. I’d also like that growth to translate to our smaller roasters and local teams to give them more exposure. Exposure as a whole is actually something I’d really like to see. It would be great if the office coffee service industry could be more well known as an option for businesses since it’s such a vital element.” - Shehar Juhary, Director of Opportunities


“I’d really like to see more awareness about our Office Coffee Solutions work environment. We do a lot of charity work and sustainable initiatives. It’s something I’m proud of and I’d like to see more people know we do a lot more than just sell coffee.” - Ashley Longboat, Accounts Receivable


“For the past twenty years Office Coffee Solutions has put down some great roots in the Toronto area, I think that in the next 500 days we can expect to see that really flourish into something great.” - Brad Kewalramani, Director of Opportunities


While we will continue to grow as a company and the Profit 500 list is an admirable achievement, our focus has never been profit. We aim to raise what companies expect from their providers both in terms of service, but also corporate social responsibility. That’s why we’ll continue to initiate programs like Bullfrog’s Green Fuel and source from local providers as we move forward in the coming year.


To all of our team members that have made this possible, Office Coffee Solutions thanks you for your dedication and involvement in helping us collectively work towards, and accomplish, our goals.


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