Office Coffee Solution's Mindful Partnership

At Office Coffee Solutions, we pride ourselves on constantly expanding our offerings and initiatives to bring our clients the latest in work-place lifestyle. One of the ways we do this, is by building exclusive partnerships with like minded companies so we can work together for our similar goals. We’d like to take a moment to introduce you to one of our most prominent partners, Mindful Snacks.


The Mindful Snacks team focuses on offering a fresh approach to office snack programs through a full service snack procurement company. They handpick their wide selection of top-quality healthy snacks with your employee’s well being in mind. They believe that by providing thoughtful snack options, employees will be able to stay energized in a steady and authentic way rather than fall back on dangerous sugar binges and crashes.


While they are a top-level service company, their mission is not a business-focused one. James Tjan, Mindful Snack’s founder, was driven by personal health struggles to re-evaluate the food culture in offices. He remembers his father’s advice on healthy eating as something that could have effected his adult life; “I look back and wonder perhaps if it was certain foods I ate growing up that impacted my health later in life. I wonder if I should have listened to Dad more.” Now, with a greater appreciation for that wisdom, James created a company to share that initiative within the office environment.


Mindful Snacks offer a range of solutions that fit a variety of spaces. From packaged fresh produce to custom trail mix bars, there are multiple ways they can fit into your office. Their fresh produce, healthy protein bars, cereals, and cheeses can create a selection that your team will love and appreciate.


Our Office Coffee Solutions team has happily jumped onto the Mindful Snacks Movement as well, in one of perhaps our best employee engagement initiatives. What is now a strong partnership began when we were each other’s clients. Once we had a taste of their snacks, we knew we couldn’t run without them. Our staff relies on them as a healthy alternative to chocolates or chips, and having them in the office gives us a first hand understanding of their great philosophies.


We know that coffee fuels your office, but our aim is to go beyond simply providing a caffeine jolt and put thought behind the products we carry, the people we partner with, and ultimately -how your office kitchen runs. Whether that thought comes from offering ethical and sustainable products, or ensuring you have the opportunity to make coffee part of a well balanced diet through partners like Mindful Snacks.


Mindful Snacks Founder James Tjan at Office Coffee Solutions and Mindful Snacks Annual "Home For Dinner" Event with The Ronald McDonald House. 

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