Our 20th Year Of Growth

This week marks Office Coffee Solutions’ 20th year serving our clients with innovative and progressive kitchen solutions. We’d like to send a huge thank you to our clients and team who have made this possible.


20 years certainly marks an important milestone, but it is not our greatest source of pride. We take the most stock in our achievements that have furthered our quality of service and improved our collective community. In celebration of our 20th year in business, we’ve collected some of the highlights from the past year.


This year marked the 4th consecutive year that we have been placed on the Profit 500 list of fastest growing companies. We discussed what this achievement meant to our internal team and how they perceive the growth within the company. Take a look at what our team has to say about how we’ve been moving forward:




We’ve also explored new partnerships that have allowed us to develop a wider range of healthy offerings and snacks to our clients. Not only does our partnership with Mindful Snacks increase our offerings to clients, but they’re a company whose values and efforts parallel the social responsibility efforts we hold as a priority. For more information on this exclusive partnership, take a look at our latest blog:




Possibly the biggest news from Office Coffee Solutions this year was our adoption of Bullfrog’s Green Fuel for our entire delivery fleet. We were one of the first companies to fully adopt the program to our entire fleet, and we’re incredibly proud to support such a monumental step forward in the delivery industry:




And then there are the daily efforts we make to improve our local communities. For example, every year we proudly cook dinner for the Ronald McDonald House Home For Dinner program. It’s a chance for our entire team to support families from across Canada in a small but very powerful way.




This collective of initiatives is important in their individual contributions, and we will look to invest our next twenty years in making comparable progress for our team, clients, and global community. As always, we’ll keep you informed about our latest initiatives and progress.

20 years is an incredible milestone – a heartfelt thanks from the Office Coffee Solutions Team!

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