What's Cracking At Office Coffee Solutions: Hatch Coffee

         Our Office Coffee Solutions team is thrilled to announce our latest product partnership with Hatch Coffee!


Hatch is a local Toronto roaster founded by Alfonso Tupaz. The idea came when he had the profound experience of roasting his own coffee by hand while stationed in South Africa. He was touched by how hand crafted coffee, freshly prepared, brought joy to the people around him. When asked why he chooses to share his coffee with the public, his answer is “I know it sounds romantic, but it can change people. I like knowing that I'm able to do that, with just coffee.” 


Hatch specialize in Nordic style light roast coffees. This style of roasting brings out the flavors unique to the region the bean was harvested, and brews a more complex tasting cup of coffee. Their beans are roasted in small batches before allowing them to mature for 3-10 days, bringing out the best flavors of the beans.


Hatch is the largest dedicated cold brew coffee factory in North America, but they create premium coffee grounds for drip brewers as well. We are thrilled to offer their roasts unique flavors and convenient ground portion packs to our clients.


We love Hatch’s model not just for the premium quality beans, but for their sustainable practices from bean to cup. Hatch sources through organic direct trade partnerships all over the world, and they use a low emission Loring roaster, which cuts down on emissions because it is a smokeless technology. This means nothing enters air circulation, greatly cutting down air pollution.


Speak to our customer service team today about trying either the Colombian Organic Fraction Packs or Brazilian Fraction Packs in your thermal brewer today!



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