CAFEC Medium Roast Paper Coffee Filter (1 Cup, Size 01)

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CAFEC Medium Roast Paper Coffee Filter (1 Cup, Size 01)

CAFEC Medium Roast Paper Coffee Filter (1 Cup, Size 01)

$11.99 CAD


For Balance and Flavor.

The well-balanced Two-Sided Crepe lets water flow very smoothly. The surface area of this filter is the largest amongst the three papers (Light, Medium, and Dark) so water can still flow through even if fine powder is covering the filter. Smooth water flow results in a cup with well-balanced and rich flavor.

There are many types of CAFEC Paper Filters available, you can find them all by clicking this link.

Inside Outside

CAFEC Original Papermaking Technology "Two-Side Crepe" Air-Through Dry

During the traditional papermaking process, paper is dried on a heating roller so the crepe on one side is pressed down and virtually removed. On the other hand, CAFEC paper adds a crepe on both sides when drying using hot air blast (meaning the paper is not pressed on a heater) so the crepe on both sides of the paper can be kept as it is, and the height of the crepe is maintained. Thanks to the crepe height generated by the Two-Sided Crepe, almost all fine coffee powder is attached on the crepe, so you can enjoy a clear cup of coffee without any muddiness. Moreover, the Two-Sided Crepe allows water to flow smoothly.

Advantage of CAFEC Filter Paper

Papermaking Process of CAFEC Filter Paper
Cafec Air-Through Dry

Air Through Dry: Wet paper is dried by hot air in a flat state, so the two sided crepe is kept after the paper is dried.

Cafec Filter Texture

The texture of CAFEC paper mesh is fine, so water can flow in a stable and speedy manner.

Papermaking Process of Traditional Filter Paper
Hot air

Wet paper is dried on a rotary drum by adding pressure, so the crepe facing the drum side is crushed, leaving the paper with only one sided crepe. To make things worse, the height of the crepe is also lower because the paper is stretched while drying.

Rotary hot drum

The texture of traditional paper mesh is not fine, so water cannot flow in a stable manner; water might get stuck between the paper fibers.

Two Kinds of Filter Paper For Two Kinds of People

Non-bleached (Brown)

For those who prefer natural taste

Oxygen-bleached (White)

For those who want to extract the aroma 


No bleach, glues, chemicals or unnatural elements are added to the pulp. This is a 100% clean, eco-friendly, forest-sustainable filter paper.

As with any paper filter, ensure that you rinse through with boiling water first to remove any paper taste. These filters are oxygen-bleached white.


  • Thickness: 0.28mm
  • Density: Low
  • Two-Sided Crepe (Crepe on both inside and outside)
  • 1 Cup/Size S/Size 01
  • 100 Bleached White Paper Filters
  • For Use in V60-01 Drippers
  • FSC certified white Abaca paper filter for light brewing
  • Made in Japan

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