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DeLonghi Maintenance & Coffee Care Kit DLS306

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DeLonghi Maintenance & Coffee Care Kit DLS306

DeLonghi Maintenance & Coffee Care Kit DLS306

Save $10.00 CAD
$49.99 CAD $59.99 CAD


This essential and complete kit from De'Longhi is perfect for improving performance and extending the life of your coffee machine, as well as enhancing coffee taste.


  • DeLonghi Water Filter DLSC002 - Compatible with all ECAM and ETAM Type Automatic Espresso Machines, as well as the EC680, EC685, and EC9335M
  • EcoMulticlean - Cleaning Solution that Helps to Remove Milk Deposits on Automatic Milk Frothing Systems and Traditional Milk Frothing Systems. Proper Cleaning of Your Machine Reduces Limescale, Extending its Life and Improving the Taste and Quality of Your Coffee.
  • EcoDecalk - Essential Cleaning Solution Needed Overtime to Remove Limescale Buildup
  • Various Cleaning Items - Microfibre Cleaning Cloth, Water Hardness Testing Kit, and Guide. Brush not included.


Compatible for use with with DeLonghi ECAM and ETAM Super Automatic machines, and EC680 and EC800, and EC9335 range pump espresso machines.


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