Fellow Atmos Vacuum Canister Matte Black (0.4L)

$40.00 CAD
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Fellow Atmos Vacuum Canister Matte Black (0.4L)

Fellow Atmos Vacuum Canister Matte Black (0.4L)

$40.00 CAD


Fellow brings a better and easier way to guard your goods. This new cannister will keep the oxygen levels down by banishing out the air, moisture, and odours to keep your beans from aging out before you've enjoyed your bag of coffee. The integrated vacuum pump sucks air out to prevent oxidation and extend coffee’s shelf life up to 50%.



  • Choose between three sizes: 400ml canister holds up to 6 oz of coffee beans, 700ml canister holds up to 10 oz of coffee beans, and 1.2L canister holds up to 16 oz of coffee beans.
  • Do not place Atmos upside down while storing content inside. Refrain from putting fine powder inside: flour, finely ground coffee, etc. This may cause clogging of the vacuum lid.
  • Not dishwasher safe, hand wash only


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