Fellow Stagg X Pour-Over Set

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Fellow Stagg X Pour-Over Set

Fellow Stagg X Pour-Over Set

$105.00 CAD


Introducing the Stagg [X] Single Set, your go-to solution for hosting the ultimate pour-over party for one. This bundle includes one Stagg [X] Dripper, one Stagg Tasting Glass, and 30 paper filters, ensuring you have everything you need in one convenient package.

Stagg [X] Dripper:
Elevate your coffee brewing experience with the Stagg [X] Dripper, designed to consistently deliver the perfect cup whether you're a seasoned coffee expert or a brewing novice. Utilize the ratio aid for precise coffee measurements every time, and benefit from Stagg's vacuum insulated body, steep slope, and unique hole pattern to enhance your pour-over recipe. The shorter height of Stagg [X] aligns with traditional pour-over methods, allowing for a continuous slow pour and giving you greater control over water dispersal and extraction.

Stagg Tasting Glass:
Enhance your coffee tasting experience with the Stagg Tasting Glass, specifically crafted to help you fully appreciate the nuances of coffee flavors. Its unique shape, including a flared lip, ensures that coffee is delivered to your entire palate, allowing you to taste the full spectrum of flavors from blueberry to nutmeg.

Stagg Paper Filters:
Designed specifically for the steep slopes of the Stagg [X] dripper, these paper filters ensure optimal brewing performance, guaranteeing that each cup of coffee is brewed to perfection.

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