Miele Airclean 3D Dustbag GN

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Miele Airclean 3D Dustbag GN

Miele Airclean 3D Dustbag GN

$19.95 CAD


AirClean 3D Efficiency GN dustbags ensures that dust picked up stays inside the machine.


  • Filters more than 99.9% of all dust particles
  • Maximum efficiency when vacuuming at low power level
  • Maximum utilization of the full bag capacity
  • Clean bag replacement thanks to automatic bag closure
  • Contents: 4 dustbags, 1 motor protection and 1 exhaust filter
What is Included: 
  • 4 x 4.5 L Air Clean Dustbags
  • 1 x Motor Protection Filters
  • 1 x Miele AirClean Exhaust Filters


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