DAY 2: The Ultimate White Hot Chocolate and the Spirit of Barrie Cookie Dough Cupcakes (from Sugar City Cupcakes)

When I take a sip of a warm cup of White Hot Chocolate topped with Chocolate whipped cream, it reminds me of Christmas at home as a child.  Mother busy with her Christmas baking, my younger brother and I would pull up a kitchen chair to the counter and help mom make Christmas cookies for our company.  The cracking of eggs and stirring of batters keeping us busy, and just as the mess was starting to get out of hand she would sit us both at the table with a big mug of hot chocolate and a freshly baked Chocolate chip cookie while the snow flurried passed the large kitchen window.  Bring out your inner child this Christmas, you’ll find the Spirit of Barrie cupcake can take you back to that childhood.  Pared with a cup of White Hot Chocolate, the soft vanilla texture of the cupcake breaks away to the chewy cookie dough center.  Perfectly finished off with a creamy buttercream frosting, sprinkled with chocolate chips, skor bits drizzled with a thin ribbon of caramel. With infusions of creamy vanilla, any member of the family can enjoy the Timothy’s White Hot Chocolate Mix. What a beautiful duo this coffee and cupcake make!

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