Christmas Eve. The night before the big day. For us, this means a quiet dinner with the family, dessert, a warm cup of coffee, cocoa or tea while we let the kids open ONE of their presents before Santa brings them the rest. The look of anticipation on their precious little faces and then little squeals of delight when they unwrap that one present. There’s also the determined concentration as they arrange cupcakes on a platter and carefully put a cup of milk (or in our house, a K-Cup or two) right by the fireplace, hoping Santa noticed that they had been a good little girl or boy. Ushering them off to bed and then quietly sneaking in all of the presents and playing the role of the very beloved Santa Claus, thrilled that we can bring a little magic into their lives. And finally, with all the tasks of Christmas Eve accomplished, that little quiet time where we sit by the fire, savor those fabulous K-Cups and cupcakes that the kids so lovingly set aside and think about the year gone by. Nothing compares to that feeling of family, friends, excitement and anticipation that the eve of Christmas brings to us.

On such a special day, we’d like to feature two coffee and cupcake combinations. The Grove Square Caramel Cappuccino paired with the Sudbury Salt Mine and the Mint Delight with the Atlantic City Christmas. The Caramel Cappuccino from Grove Square is that perfectly light and frothy coffee which beautifully enhances the Sudbury Salt Mint, a vanilla cupcake stuffed with golden caramel topped off with our Vanilla Buttercream sprinkled with sea salted peanuts, drizzled in caramel sauce. The Mint Delight is a Classic Blend coffee from Comobar drizzled with a decadent Torani Chocolate and Mint Syrup. This indulgent gem pairs beautifully with the dark chocolate cupcake with chunks of solid chocolate baked and iced with chocolate buttercream and sprinkled with crushed candy cane.

We, at Home Coffee Solutions and Sugar City Cupcakes have been delighted to come together and bring to you our 12 flavours of Christmas. We hope you have a beautifully festive time during the holidays with your family, friends and loved ones.

A Very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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