There is definitely an element of fun and creativity that comes with the exciting coffee and tea industry. Coffee is the new wine. Subjective, playful, and the possibilities - endless. With the wide variety of products available to us today, there are limitless opportunities in the types of beverages that we concoct. Because of their raging success, here are a few delicious and fun favourites that we’ve concocted and would like to share with you!

These beverages are easy to make and will be just the right kind of treat to indulge in on your own or serve at your next dinner party or social gathering.



Classic Chocolate Cherry


Brewing Directions:

Brew 6-8oz of hot chocolate and stir in 1-2 pumps of Torani Cherry Syrup. Add a dollop of whipped cream on top and garnish with half a teaspoon of chocolate sprinkles. Serve immediately.


Green Tea with a Berry Tasty Twist:


Brewing Directions:

Brew 6 oz of each tea and mix together well. Add a twist of lime or lemon to give it an extra dash of tangy zest. Fun Note: Try this tea brewed over ice with an addition of assorted berries as a garnish!


 Mocha Mocha Miracle:


Brewing Directions:

Brew 6-8oz of the coffee (depending on how strong you would like the coffee flavor to be) and 4-6oz of hot chocolate. Mix both brews thoroughly and add a dollop of whipped cream on tip and garnish the beverage with chocolate sprinkles. Serve immediately.


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