IMS Precision Shower Screen 60mm (E61 200 IM)

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IMS Precision Shower Screen 60mm (E61 200 IM)

IMS Precision Shower Screen 60mm (E61 200 IM)

$43.00 CAD


Professional E61 Shower Screen.

IMS 60mm is designed with 98 holes each with a diameter of 3mm that are precisely cut with a 200µm integrated membrane for consistent espresso shot extractions from standard E61 espresso machine group heads.


  • 200 µm Integrated Membrane
  • Diameter: 60mm
  • Holes: 98
  • Hole diameter: 3mm
  • Certified Food-Safe AISI 304 Stainless Steel
  • Suitable for Espresso Machines with E61 Group Heads:
    • Azkoyen, Bezzera, BFC, Bianchi, Brasilia, Casadio, ECM, Expobar, Faema, Faimac, Fiamma RST, Fiorenzo CS, Futurmat, Gaggia Spagna, Grimac, Italcrem, Mairali, Orchestrale, Promac, Reneka, Royal, Sab Italia, San Remo, Scala, VFA, Vibiemme, Victoria Arduino, Visacrem, Wega
    • but please check the measurements of your current shower screen to be sure you are purchasing the correct replacement.
  • Made in Italy

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