Bezzera Magica E61 Espresso Machine (Stainless Steel)

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Bezzera Magica E61 Espresso Machine (Stainless Steel)

Bezzera Magica E61 Espresso Machine (Stainless Steel)

$2,799.00 CAD


History Behind Excellence

Bezzera's history starts with Luigi Bezzera, an Italian engineer who came up with an espresso process, the correct temperature and the pressure needed to extract the aromatic oils resulting in the flavoursome espresso coffee. Bezzera Magica machine serves as a continuation to the original mission of efficiently extracting the coffee. This semi-automatic espresso machine is a perfect choice for coffee drinkers looking for a top quality espresso machine that will fit in limited bench space. With the help of its powerful heat exchanger boiler, this machine can brew, steam and generate hot water all at the same time.  


All in all, this is a perfect semi-automatic machine for coffee drinkers that can feel the difference.  


  • E-61 Grouphead - The Magica has E61 group head which has been the golden standard for high end espresso machines for over 50 years. An E61 group head is heated using a thermosyphon system that circulates water through the group head keeping it very hot. The grouphead is controlled by raising the lever that activates the vibration pump and opens the group solenoid valve to deliver coffee.
  • Vibratory Pump - Quiet and reliable and delivering the right pressure when needed, Magica pump allows for greater performance of pressure to extract maximum flavour from the coffee beans. 
  • Heat Exchanger Boiler - fitted with a 2 liter copper boiler with heat exchanger system. It means you can steam milk and extract espresso at the same time. The high 1350-watt heating element is controlled by a pressurestat to maintain a constant temperature.
  • 58mm Portafilter - With its impressive frame, the Bezzera Magica includes afull size portafilter.
  • 3-Way Solenoid Valve - Efficient technology of three-way solenoid valve relieves pressure and sucks the water out of the group head when the espresso is done extracting. This means that the portafilter can be immediately removed and re-filled with coffee. 
  • Steam and Hot Water Wands - A multidirectional steam wand has a great range of motion for ease of use. It helps create a fine and creamy milk foam effortlessly for your cappuccino and latte. Hot water wand is also present for your perfect Americanos. 
  • PID Controller: The Magica comes standard with a PID device. This digital controller allows you to change the boiler temperature while greatly improving overall temperature stability whilst also eliminating the need for the added step of a cooling flush. 
  • 2 Year Warranty


  • Instruction Manual
  • Dual-Spout Portafilter
  • Single Spout Portafilter
  • 2-cup Filter Basket
  • 1-cup Filter Basket
  • Grouphead Cleaning Brush
  • Blind basket
  • Plastic tamper


Depth 42.5 cm
Height 41.5
Weight 22.7 kg

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