PayBright Payment Plans

Enjoy Now, Pay Later

Apply online for easy monthly payments - Now Offering 0% APR, no interest, payments on appliance purchases over $1,800, with other plans available from $300 - $1,800


How does PayBright work?

  • Select PayBright at checkout - add items to your cart as usual, and proceed to checkout. After entering shipping details, you can choose "PayBright" as a payment option.
  • Apply Online - You will then be redirected to PayBright to provide your details for monthly financing options and will be instantly provided with an approval decision
  • Get Your Order Now, Pay Later - After 1 additional business day of processing time, we will ship your items to you so you can enjoy them now, and pay over your agreed timeline


What Payment Plants Are Available?

  • 0% APR for Up To 12 Months $1,800 and Over - As a current special, we are currently offering 0% APR, no interest, payment plans for kitchen appliances and machines over $1,800 after approval. The maximum value currently supported is $15,000. 
  • Interest Based Plans Under $1,800 - we are also offering monthly interest plans for up to 12 months. Please check and prequalify with PayBright to discover interest rates.


Am I Eligible for a PayBright Payment Plan?

  • PayBright is currently being offered to Canadian adult residents, age 18-19 and over, depending on province
  • You must be approved by PayBright's via a credit inquiry to qualify. Unfortunately not all applicants qualify 
  • If unknown attempted issues are persisting during checkout, please contact PayBright directly for support. We do not have access to information regarding their process in reviewing your application


Questions? Feel free to contact our team directly.