Fellow Carter Move Mug 16oz (Matte White) (Pack of 2)

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Options: Fellow Carter Move Mug 16oz (Matte White) (Pack of 2)

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Fellow Carter Move Mug 16oz (Matte White) (Pack of 2)

Fellow Carter Move Mug 16oz (Matte White) (Pack of 2)

$89.99 CAD


Mind busy with commuting? Have a break with the new Fellow Carter Move Mug! Designed to amplify the senses and engineered to fit your travel needs with a snap-in splash guard and a slim width, the Carter Move Mug is ready to move with you step by step. 

A tapered thin lip mimics a Cabernet glass to deliver coffee directly to your taste buds while also sitting comfortably on your mouth. Your coffee should taste how you intended. Unlike stainless steel, a ceramic interior keeps your brew free of odours, oils, and “old penny” tasting notes.


  • Food Grade 304 18/8 stainless steel, BPA-free plastic and steel lid, Inner ceramic coating
  • 16oz Capacity
  • Designed to be Compatible with all Standard Cup Holders.
  • All Parts of the Tumbler are Dishwasher Safe
  • Tumbler is not Microwave or Oven Safe
  • For Hand-washing, Only Use Liquid Dish Soap. Do Not Use Chlorine, Bleach, or Other Chemicals to Clean. Let Air Dry or Towel Dry Thoroughly
  • Only use a Soft Sponge. Using a Coarse Sponge, Brush, or other Rough Surface will Scratch the Outer and Interior Surfaces of the Tumbler
  • Tumbler may Dent if Dropped
  • Do not use any Metal Stirring Utensils in Tumbler. This will scratch the Ceramic Non-Stick Coating

Pack of 2 Carter Move Mugs

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