As much as family get togethers and holidays are such fun, the preparation leading to dinner do tends to get hectic. Kerry and Melanie from Sugar City Cupcakes have a few tips that will get you those fantastic baking results that will make your cakes perfectly moist and your cheesecake beautifully creamy and fluffy. So grab a cup of the robust yet creamy French Roast Cafe Latte from Home Coffee Solutions, a mouthwateringly scrumptious Winnipeg Winter Vanilla Cupcake, curl up on the couch on this chilly day and peruse through these expert tips that will make you a pro at baking those delicious dessert treats this holiday! You won't read these in cookbooks!

  1. Use the best ingredients available…It really makes a difference in taste, and your family will definitely notice the difference.  When choosing between imitation and real vanilla extract, go with the real McCoy…Save your pennies on other stuff, not on your baking!
  1. Don’t over mix your batter…We crush some of the air bubbles when we over mix, and any remaining air bubbles have to work harder to expand as the cake cooks due to too much gluten development. To ensure proper mixing, beat cake batter on low until ingredients have just combined. Don’t leave the stand mixer on and walk away!
  1. Resist the urge to peek….Even if you’re gentle with the oven door, a rush of cold air can disrupt the structure of the cupcakes as they begin to bake. If you’re too quick to poke around, you may find yourself with dense, sunken cupcakes.
  1. Frost the whole cupcake to keep them moisture…Dry cupcakes are no fun, and cupcakes left out too long will definitely dry out. When you frost cupcakes, the frosting acts like a light seal to help the cupcakes retain moisture. Be sure to cover the entire exposed top of the cupcake with frosting as best you can, and your cupcakes will retain their moisture for longer. This is especially helpful if you’re baking cupcakes for a display or event, where they will be sitting out uncovered for a long period of time.

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