Celebrating Christmas with our friends is one thing we always look forward to at this time of year, the sounds of glasses clinking, over the spirited conversation and the sparkling holiday outfits.  The Christmas party with our close friends and neighbours is an annual affair that brings us all together to enjoy a feast of delightfully yummy foods and beverages that are not an everyday consumption.  All our guests bring a dish they hold in high regard, each of us trying to impress the others with our wildly wicked creations…This year the Sugar City “Graceland” cupcake paired with Timothy’s Mocha Java will surely make a strong contender for best dessert and coffee pairing of the season. The Graceland is a rich chocolate banana cupcake with the BEST peanut butter frosting imaginable piled high on top, drizzled in milk chocolate just to make your eyes bulge!  Enjoyed with a hot cup of Timothy’s Mocha Java, which represents the union of sweet coffee beans from Ethiopia with a robust roast from Indonesia. This well-balanced, medium roast is smooth and easy to drink and is truly a marriage made in heaven when combined with the Graceland Cupcake. Stop by Home Coffee Solutions and Sugar City Cupcakes to bring this delightful duo to your home for the holidays.

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Lisa Collins

Lisa Collins

That sounds absolutely amazing! Love the banana-chocolate combo anyway but when you add mocha java coffee to the mix it takes it to a whole other level I’m thinking! :-)

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