If Christmas Morning was a cupcake and a beverage, it would be the Quebec Breakfast created by Sugar City Cupcakes teamed with Home Coffee Solutions’ very special latte – The Canadian.  Is it wrong to eat cupcakes and drink Maple & Bacon Latte for Breakfast?  Well, not at Christmas!  Ohhh just imagine, waking up Christmas morning, wiping the sleep from your eyes…coming down stairs to see Santa has left you a little snack to get your day started.  There is something terribly yummy about that sweet salty flavour of smoked bacon when you sip your steaming cup… and the soft spongy texture of the pecan cupcake as you pull away the paper liner whispers to your pallet.  The crisp slice of bacon dipped in milk chocolate sits on top like a star on the tree, a thing of beauty and yet you hesitate.   Don’t be afraid, sample this delight and relish the joyful flavour of pancakes and bacon dance on your taste buds as the sound of a thousand angels fill your ears…Now you can begin your day eh!

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