The Ronald McDonald House Charity (RMHC) is an incredible cause that provides families of seriously ill children a place to stay while they undergo treatment at nearby hospitals.

Yesterday the Home & Office Coffee Solutions team had the pleasure of working together to cook and serve dinner at the Ronald McDonald House Toronto for 150 guests through their Home for Dinner program. As a company, we are very grateful for all that we have and therefore, have been working diligently to reach out to the community and make a genuine contribution to it. We have, in the past, worked with the RMH Toronto in various capacities, but yesterday was an inspiring experience.

After planning a menu comprising of a healthy salad, barbequed salmon and chicken with a lemon, basil and tomato salsa, as well as fresh fruit and cookies for dessert, we set to work and shopped for all these delicious ingredients. Excited on the day of our volunteering initiative, our team got in earlier than usual to complete our work in order to close our office in time to make our way to RMH Toronto. 

A gracious team at RMH Toronto welcomed us to their beautiful premises, with their HFD lead, Kevin, leading the way. Their facilities included 6 upscale and fully decked out kitchens, along with a line-up of 4 BBQ stations on the patio. With teams of salad makers, meat and fish grillers, fruit and dessert prep artists and enthusiastic dishwashers, we turned up the radio and started working away.

It is always an enriching experience to make a donation to society but for that contribution to consist of manual work, especially when that work allows you to engage the ones that are directly benefiting of it, that is where we realized the validity and magnitude of the foundation. Yesterday, we were privileged to witness the unforgettable faces of determination, tremendous strength and steadfast perseverance expressed through sincere graciousness, unwavering smiles and terrific humour.

We served dinner and were invited to join the families in their meal. As we do on a daily basis with our service, OCS came together as a team yesterday and strived to do our very best to make the evening as perfect as possible. To the staff at the RMH Toronto, we thank you for allowing us to become a part of your incredible organization.

Today as we are back at our posts, committed to delivering the very best in service and products, we ponder the poignant words of Anne Frank, “How wonderful that no one need wait a single moment to improve the world.”

How wonderful indeed! 

To learn more about how your business can get involved with the Home for Dinner program at the RMH Toronto, visit:


Claudio David

Claudio David

Hi Teresa,
Thank you very much for your kind words. The experience was very enriching for us, and the OCS team and I are very grateful that we had the opportunity to volunteer our time with the Ronald McDonald House. After meeting their team and touring the facilities, we are enthusiastic to spread the word about the inspiring work they do.
Kind regards,

Teresa Henriques

Teresa Henriques

Hi Claudio
How wonderful what you and your employees did for RMH. You know my office on McCaul overlooks the patio and I saw everyone busy at work yesterday barbecuing out there.
Hats off to you and your wonderful team, I can appreciate what the families are going thru having spent much time at Sick Kids myself.

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