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The story of Doi Chaang features the uniting of a community, the pursuit of sustainable business practices and of course, the undeniable and overwhelming love for really great quality coffee. More than 20 years ago, the AKHA tribe situated in the Doi Chaang Valley (Northern Thailand) were trapped in a vicious cycle of abject poverty and had to resort to opium cultivation to sustain their community.

The families in the village came together to make a positive change. They opted to start cultivating coffee as their principle crop and after years of experience, they began to develop a reputation for extremely high quality beans.

Frustrated by the fact that coffee traders blended their premium beans with others of inferior quality, the families decided to ‘cut the middleman’. They established processing plants, drying facilities and storage warehouses to be able to sell their coffee beans, which were now grown on a single estate, directly to the end consumer. Their focus from the very beginning had been on sustainable agriculture with minimal adverse effects to the environment. The result was premium and certified organic Arabica coffee beans.

They wanted to share their crop with the international markets so the community approached a small group of Canadian coffee enthusiasts situated in Vancouver. An equal partnership was set up between the company and the community wherein the former would focus on the financials, marketing and distribution of the product leaving the latter to their core competency of growing excellent quality coffee and distributing the product in their domestic market.

Establishing a true partnership (Beyond Fair Trade), the Canadian and Thai divisions of the company share 50% each of the profits. In addition, the Doi Chaang Foundation was set up in 2011, with a commitment for the tribe to have access to healthcare, education and employment opportunities regardless of age, gender, language, economic or political status. In this highly competitive and dynamic coffee industry, it is inspiring to witness a company flourish with a truly sustainable business model on an international level. We, at Home Coffee Solutions & Office Coffee Solutions are passionate about creating a sustainable and positive mark through our business operations and partnerships. We are therefore very honoured to play our part in this tremendous initiative by supporting this outstanding group.

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