If The Laziest Breakfast Eater Can Eat Better Breakfasts, Anyone Can.

Words from OCS team member - Madeline, Marketing Percolator and Laziest Breakfast Eater.

So for this entry we wanted to highlight September, which is #BetterBreakfastMonth. Now, I am perhaps the laziest breakfast eater in the history of breakfast eaters. My morning routine is a cup of coffee and maybe, just maybe, a banana or Starbucks baked good. So because of my poor breakfast skills I realized I was completely unqualified to write any advice whatsoever about better breakfasts. Instead I decided I would make a concentrated effort to eat a breakfast every day that contained at least three food groups and weren’t pizza, donuts, or Drive Thru Breakfast Sandwiches. Here is 2 weeks of my experience describing how to eat breakfast and put in the least amount of effort possible.

Day 1:

A cup of Starbucks Cafe Verona in my handy Keurig, and these cool apple sandwiches I found on Pinterest. They were really good. Also, I could pop them in my desk at work and eat them during the day which is super fun and convenient. It's just granola and peanut butter between apple slices.

Day 2:

A cup of Timothy’s Colombian Excelencia (my personal fav). That went with a scrambled egg mixed with feta cheese and spinach. It was supposed to be an omelette. Ha. No.

Day 3: 

A cup of Van Houtte Fair Trade Amazonia with a piece of whole grain toast, avocado, and scrambled egg. Burnt the egg. The dog ate my dairy food group component this morning so at least she'll have strong bones. 

Day 4: 

A cup of Starbucks Pike Place with an English muffin with almond butter and an apple. I’m liking this breakfast thing. I find I’m not snacking at my desk or waiting in drive thru lines anymore.

Day 5:

Van Houtte Belgian Chocolate instead of coffee. Do I have more energy from this? Or did I just go to bed at 8:30 last night? Spoiler; I went to bed at 8:30. I paired that with Greek Yogurt, Berries and Granola.

Day 6: 

Van Houtte House Blend. Back to coffee with and a hard-boiled egg chopped up with avocado. I saw this on Pinterest and thought it would be weird but it’s SO GOOD.

Day 7:

Lavazza Gran Selezione for my morning cup and whole wheat toast, cream cheese, and smoked salmon. I feel so fancy this morning, I pretend I’m Meryl Streep from The Devil Wear’s Prada.You go Meryl. 

 Day 8: 

Today was a tough one. It was supposed to be Instant oatmeal but I really, really hate oatmeal. I wish I could say I toughed it out. I also wish I could say I didn’t eat cold pizza. At least I didn’t have my usual cup of coffee. I had Timothy’s Chai Latte instead.

Day 9:

Van Houtte Chocolate Raspberry Truffle (it sounds sickeningly sweet but it tastes like cheesecake). That went with tomatoes and spinach mixed into a scrambled egg.

Day 10:

Timothy’s Original Donut Blend this morning and sliced turkey, swiss cheese, and tomato on toast. Clearly I’m running out of breakfast ideas since this is a lunch. 

Day 11:

So this is weird but I had no granola left and very little yogurt so I just threw all my produce in a blender for a smoothie. What’s even weirder is that I also made a cup of Timothy’s Nicaraguan Blend, and double fisted my way to work.

Day 12:

Barista Prima French Roast and the item I can’t believe I forgot until now. Turkey Bacon! How did I not think of this? I had a turkey bacon BLT this morning and it was amazing.

Day 13:

I love the Lavazza Classico blend; when I’m tired it’s definitely the strongest coffee. I had egg and turkey bacon on toast (I really love turkey bacon).

Day 14:

THANK YOU - I’M DONE. I went out with a bang today and actually made an omelette along with my cup of Van Houtte Colombian.

End Thoughts:

  • Thinking of breakfasts is really hard if you forget turkey bacon
  • People who post breakfasts on Pinterest are crazy (but I envy their magical powers)
  • I actually did feel a lot better when eating a healthy breakfast every morning
  • I might bring those apple sandwiches to work every day for a snack until the end of time. 

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