Ethical Coffee Spotlight: Planet Bean

Planet Bean first started roasting coffee in Guelph Ontario in 1997, making them the first fire roaster in the area in over 50 years. Their goal was simple, they wanted to highlight fair trade and organic Arabica coffee to raise not only the quality of coffee, but the equality behind it. 

They quickly established themselves as a local treasure with the amazing scent the roaster brought, becoming a part of the downtown experience. A lot has changed over the years, but they still remain in Guelph, and are considered the city’s foremost coffee roaster. They now have 3 cafés in Guelph, serving specially brewed coffee but also freshly roasted beans.

 This local business roasts their beans to order in small batches, and never warehouses any of the coffee, making it as fresh as possible. More than that, however, they exclusively purchase organic and fair trade beans, with a focus on each and every person who interacts with the coffee from plant to cup. But more than following the guidelines of fair trade, they are striving to find a link between producers and consumers in a meaningful way. They want to create a story and history behind every cup of coffee.

Finally, Planet Bean consistently works to make their production more ecologically friendly, cutting out waste and pollution wherever possible. Stop by their three locations in Guelph for a free sample.


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