Home Coffee Solutions is on the Profit 500 List For the 3rd Year in a Row!

Office Coffee Solutions and Home Coffee Solutions are proud to announce that we have once again made the Profit 500 list for a third consecutive year! This achievement would not have been possible without the loyalty and partnership with our valued clients, suppliers, and friends - we’d like to truly thank you for your support this past year!

We aim to continue building relationships with you, and provide the best service possible for years to come. We’d like to take a moment as well to update you on the initiatives we’ve implemented this year that have also helped us grow, but more importantly, helped us create a company rooted in responsibility and compassion. 

What We’ve Done This Past Year:

  1. The Carbon Famer – Keeping it Neutral.

2015 began with Office Coffee Solutions launching into a green initiative program, striving to leave the smallest carbon footprint possible. The first step in this endeavour was our partnership with the Carbon Farmer, an organization that is dedicated to helping corporations with their carbon emissions. We partnered with Carbon Famer so that for every ton of energy we use, or pollution we emit, Office Coffee Solutions matches it in a positive way through  the Carbon Farmer through reforestation of our Canadian boreal forests. On top of this, we also gift a tree planted in this same forest to all new Office Coffee Solutions Clients. Check out our growing forest here: http://createyourforest.ca/visit/officecoffeesolutions

  1. Forever Interiors – We Have a New (old?) Look.

Recently, the corporate head office at 82 Industry Street in Toronto underwent some major renovations, creating an open-concept workspace. We then worked with a local furniture artisan, Forever Interiors (http://www.foreverinteriors.com/), to create a beautiful new office space made from reclaimed wood from local Ontario barns, churches, and buildings. The company sources all their materials from Ontario, each piece is completely locally handcrafted, and made from recycled materials. The renovations made our offices more environmentally sustainable, but also inspires our team with its rustic yet modern design, reminding all of us on our collective CSR goals. Feel free to drop in and say hello to our remarkable team and view our new facilities!

  1. Bio-degradable & Compostable Cups – Keeping it Planet Friendly.

Office and Home Coffee Solutions have been focused, this past year, on adjusting our company image. You may have noticed our new branding and overall face lift we’ve given ourselves. Part of this adjustment, were new company designed disposable coffee and espresso cups. We saw this opportunity to create something that spoke to our Company’s new look, but also our responsibility. The new cups are 100% biodegradable. We also carry two sizes, 10oz and 4oz, so that specialty espressos which don’t require as large a cup will produce less waste. The cups were recently released this past summer. Note: we still encourage our office customers to use their own reusable dishware where possible, this is still the most planet friendly method! 

What’s Next? 

  1. PLUCK Tea – The New Tea In Town. 

Here at Office and Home Coffee Solutions, we love to find innovative and responsible coffee and tea brands that can bring something new to our clients. Pluck tea will soon be the latest of these modern ethical businesses that will join the roster of beverages we carry. A project started from passion for quality by Jennifer Commins, Pluck Tea begins by selecting high grown, premium, organic when appropriate, tea leaves from sustainably grown gardens around the world. She then adds unique ingredients like lavender from Prince Edward County and grape skins from Southbrook Vineyards for tea as distinct as fine wine, always using local Ontario ingredients whenever possible. We’re proud to support Ontario sourced businesses, and will announce the new line of Pluck Teas that will soon be available to all of our clients.

  1. Green Cleaning Products – Keep Your Kitchens Green. 

Finding ways to provide ethical, responsible and planet friendly alternatives is one of our top corporate initiatives. One of the areas we see for improvement is cleaning products. All offices have them, and almost all offices use products that are not only not planet friendly, but in fact quite harmful. We see this as a huge opportunity to improve and innovate. In partnership with local company, The Green Dolphin, we are currently creating a branded line-up of office-centric green cleaning products. Stay tuned for our announcement on this new line-up for your office soon!

Office And Home Coffee Solutions will keep moving forward to develop and grow as a company. The endeavours listed above are a testament to our commitment to our clients, but also our commitment to responsible and sustainable development. These are the pillars that we will be keeping in mind as we look to the future. We would like to thank you all, once again, for the support you’ve given this past year.


The Home and Office Coffee Solutions Team.

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