Coffee and coffee brewers are a scientific method in which variables must be controlled to  have the proper results tested and tried for centuries for the perfect brew. Everything must be done with proper care from the beans, the grinds, the water temperature and frothing of the milk.  One of the best brewers for this method is the Jura, the Mercedes of Benz of the Single Cup Brewer.

The Jura needs just the software of coffee beans and milk to complete its magic and then your contribution is done, just press the button as to what specialty beverage you want and wait.

The machine grinds the desired amount of beans fresh and then the proper temperature of water catches all aromas and flavours released from the beans.

If you have the Jura ENA 9, the next step is taking the milk from the frother and adding it to the espresso shot whether it’s a cappuccino, latte or macchiato. You can adjust the height of the spout catering to a tall elegant glass or a porcelain cup for one or two servings per time.

The philosophy of “the harder you work for something, the better it is” does not apply to the Jura products as they require minimal effort.  All you have to do is enjoy and share with friends and family.

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