When people think of the Keurig Brewers and Single Cup Coffee services, instantly their minds go to coffee, light to dark roasts along with specialty flavours.  What many do not know is that the Keurig Brewers are not just for coffee, but for teas, hot ciders and one of my favourite’s.... Hot Chocolate!  One of the best to take advantage of are the Cafe Escapes.



There is a chocolaty richness that is embodied in the the texture and the flavour. It is nice and thick and it will not disappoint you when you want that cozy, nestled atmosphere on a cold winter’s day.  Nothing says perfection more than a great hot chocolate while keeping warm watching the snow fall outside.


Like the rest of the K-Cups, it is easy and quick to make.  You could do the traditional way of making hot chocolate by boiling milk on the stove and melting chocolate in it but most people do not have the time. Within one minute you will have that delectable creamy mixture in your cup ready to enjoy.


Cafe Escape’s Hot Chocolate is something the whole family can enjoy. This way you are maximizing your investment with the Keurig.  Your children will be able to enjoy the brewer and look forward to what you are bringing home. The whip cream and marshmallows are not included so this accessory is something you will have to pick up for the little ones. Let’s face it, hot chocolate makes a child smile in the cold winter and the smile on your children’s face is priceless.  It will help make memories they can reflect on in the future.

As well, you can mix your Cafe Escape’s Hot Chocolate with other K-Cups and make your own Cafe Mocha!  Imagine the great tasting richness of a hazelnut, french vanilla or peppermint mixed with the chocolate!

Use Them All Year Round:

If you have a sweet tooth and do not like coffee, this is the way to go.  You can reward yourself any time of the year. Keep in mind, there are plenty of cooler nights in the summer when at a cottage or by the lake.  You can warm up with this by the bonfire and not have to worry about being up all night.

Cafe Escape’s Hot Chocolates are one of the best alternatives to coffee for the Keurig. Once again, with just the touch of a button, any time of year, for yourself or for the kids, you will be able to enjoy a hot, toasty beverage that will make you smile from ear to ear.

Treat yourself, enjoy it and don’t let it get cold!

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I tried Via when Starbucks first sent out samples monhts ago. I just picked up a box of 12 more yesterday. In my opinion, a cup of fresh-brewed coffee from my Keurig wins a taste test hands down. Both the taste and aroma of fresh coffee from the Keurig is far superior to Via. But, for the times that I am out on the road or traveling (with no access to my Keurig) I think the Via is a good substitute. I also love that the Via dissolves completely in water of any temperature so I can make a quick iced coffee while on the go by adding Via to ice-cold bottled water and shaking. Would I ever give up my Keurig for Via? NO! But will I occasionally use Via for the convenience? When I’m away from home, yes.

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