Illy's X7 iperEspresso Brewer

Since 1933, Illy has been producing the finest quality of espresso. Francesco Illy was the founder and it’s beans, grinds and over all quality has been synonymous with a high standard known world wide. You can truly make yourself an espresso from the X7 or Y1 iperEspresso Brewers and be taken to an Italian espresso bar if you close your eyes and rely on your taste buds.


The Capsules are sealed in the packaging so there is guaranteed freshness.  Once the container holding the capsules is opened, the aroma of a rich bean is released and the process has begun.  At this point, it’s so easy...

  1. Place the Capsule in the coffee handle.
  2. Put it nice and snug into the machine.
  3. Press the button.
  4. Wait for less than a minute.
  5. Add desired sugar if need be.
  6. If you are making a latte or cappuccino, make sure to steam the milk first.
  7. Enjoy!

The traditional espresso is the original Single Cup Coffee serving, it was doing it way before Capsules, Pods, K-Cups etc... The only difference with the espresso is that this comes from a capsule. This method is wonderful, no mess! Normally, you would have to grind the bean, add the desired amount, pad it down then clean. In this case, there is no need and the final product is still consistent with the traditional Illy espresso from the last eight decades.

The majority of their beans come from Brazil and the rest are from other tropical areas known to support the finest coffee beans. More recently, there are three more roasts available, Ethiopian, Guatemala and Brasil. This adds to their already Dark, Medium, Lungo and Decaf assortment.

If you have been enjoying espresso and you like the traditional qualities it has enamored for decades, stick to the Illy X7 or Y1 iperEspresso Brewers.  They are by far the best product for coffee and espresso you can get.  With the capsules, Illy has managed to introduce the old world into the new world so you can take advantage of tradition enjoying a consistent crema atop of a textured brew ready to delight your taste buds!


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