For some, this has been a very long winter and summer is finally here. Most in Canada have put their time in and now we can start to enjoy the benefits of warm summer breezes, vitamin D from the sun and downtime with friends or in peaceful solitude. Here at Home Coffee Solutions we would like to contribute as well to your happiness in the form of some tasty beverages. 

Our Tassimo  clients sometimes feel neglected because they haven't as many selections as Keurig but don't worry, you are covered this summer. Nabob's Iced Coffee is what you will be enjoying when they arrive on our shelves on May 15th. The barcode is ready and there you have it, brewed over ice in a plastic cup. Just a hint of advice, brew it as you normally would and if you add cream or sugar, do so when it's still hot and then pour over ice. This will give it an perfect balance all mixed evenly. If you prefer your coffee black, brew it over ice. Next up, Tetley, known for its teas for decades now has stepped up to the plate with two flavours; Classic Iced Tea and Peach Iced Tea. When your kids are done playing baseball and need to cool off and there is no need to make a large pitcher of Iced Tea, you will be taken care of by Tassimo. Please keep in mind, most photos show the beverages in a glass but make sure to brew it in plastic containers with ice and transfer it after. It will prevent any cracking or breaking of the glass.

Timothy's allows us to indulge in its Sweet & Creamy Iced Coffee K-Cup. The name says it all really, no need to add milk, cream or sugar as it's already taken care of. Once again, just put your plastic cup with ice under the Keurig spout and select your size, (this depending on your machine). If you really have a sweet tooth, taste it first and then add more sugar. This will give you the perk needed if the summer's day is tiring you out and you need to recharge.

There you have it, our Summer Kick-Off line-up of beverages.

Make sure to share any comments or your own summer creations below.

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