There are many ways to make a great cup of coffee; each representing the culture of the geographic location in which the brewer originates. North Americans are known for drip coffees while many in Europe, Central and South America use classic approaches by brewers that use steam and pressure to create crema. The Moka Pot is not as well known here but for all our Mediterranean friends, the Moka Pot is the brewer of choice for a traditional cup of Joe.

This stove top coffee maker has been around since 1933, (the same time Illy Coffee was established); invented by Luigi De Ponti for Alfonso Bialetti. Since then, it has been produced by the Bialetti Industrie branding this coffee brewer, the “Moka Pot.” 

How it's designed

There are three major aluminum compartments to the brewer, one in which you add water, (the base), the top compartment where the coffee ascends and the middle compartment known as the filter where the coffee grinds are packed. To use, simply fill the bottom compartment with water, add the espresso grinds to the inverted filter, (make sure they are fine for best results) and screw on the top compartment so it is nice and snug. Then put the Moka Pot onto a heat source medium to medium high; if at home you can use a stove top or if camping you can use a BBQ or even a grill above a campfire. NEVER use on induction stoves!

The water will boil creating steam and pressure which in turn causes the water to rise through the filter into the upper chamber. When the water in the base compartment is at a minimum you will hear a gurgling sound letting you know it is time to remove the pot from the heat source. Then you have it, just pour and enjoy. FYI, because of the pressure and higher temperature when brewing, more caffeine is extracted from the grinds adding higher intensity compared to a drip brewer.


With the Moka Pot, you will have to periodically replace the rubber seal and filters. This all depends on how often you use it. When cleaning, make sure to leave a little bit of coffee oil in the filter which adds a bit of extra flavouring for the next brew!

There you have it, if you are someone who loves tradition and coffee, make sure to pick a Moka Pot at 82 Industry St. in Toronto, 642 Yonge St. in Barrie or visit us on-line at Feel free to leave comments below on how yours works and anything extra to make the experience even better.

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