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Capresso Products

Capresso EC100 Espresso Machine

The EC100 is a beautiful manual espresso machine, with pressurized portafilter sieves that create perfect crema, no matter the grind size or tamping pressure. Amazing flavour and aroma come from... Learn More

$229.99 CAD

Capresso 5 Cup Mini Brewer

The Capresso 5 Cup Mini Brewer perfects the amount of time the water and grounds are allowed to steep, bring out the best flavours in coffee. Capresso brewers have a... Learn More

$59.99 CAD

Capresso Cool Grind Pro Coffee & Spice Grinder (Stainless Steel)

The Cool Grind PRO Blade Coffee Grinder is made for drip coffee makers, french press, or percolators. The stainless steel chamber lowers heat to maintain the beans aroma. This grinder... Learn More

$44.99 CAD

Capresso Steam Pro Brewer

The 4-Cup Espresso & Cappuccino Machine combines a steam and boiler to heat water to the steam point. The steam uses pressure to brew espresso directly in the carafe. The... Learn More

$94.99 CAD

Capresso Burr Coffee Grinder

Fresh ground coffee is the best way to create the best brew. This Capresso grinder creates consistent and fresh grinds for drip, french press, and other brewing methods. The Capresso... Learn More

$76.99 CAD

Capresso MG600 Brewer

Brew great coffee in 8 minutes or less. This highly efficient and precise machine. The built in water filter keeps the coffee tasting great. The permanent gold tone filter is... Learn More
$139.99 CAD Sold Out

Capresso CM200 Brewer

This programmable coffee maker is perfect for those who like great tasting coffee the moment they wake up. The simple and space efficient design is made for every kitchen.  ... Learn More

$109.99 CAD

Capresso H2O Steel Kettle

The Capresso H20 Steel Electric Water Kettle has a low noise heating element that is both quick and quiet. The kettle shuts of automatically with boiling, and the micro filter... Learn More

$79.99 CAD

Capresso FrothTEC Frother

The unique frothing disk in the Capresso froth TEC Automatic Milk Frother engineers perfect frothing action that is gentle and precise. Choose from three options hot, warm, or cold. The... Learn More
$139.99 CAD Sold Out