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Coffee Pods

Wolfgang Puck Fair Trade Organic South Pacific Pods

This Fair Trade Certified and organic dark roast is elegant with a beautiful body and a smooth finish. This coffee is perfect for anyone looking for that bold and robust... Learn More

$10.99 CAD

Wolfgang Puck Chef’s Reserve Colombian Pods

The Colombian blend is a classic and traditional brew, but this particular coffee has a rich and intense flavour making it stand out in it's class.   FEATURES Use In... Learn More

$10.99 CAD

Wolfgang Puck Hawaiian Hazelnut Pods

This delightful blend by Wolfgang Puck is nutty and full of flavour. The hazelnut flavour blends into the coffee for a creamy texture and sweet aroma.   FEATURES Flavoured Use... Learn More

$10.99 CAD

Wolfgang Puck Caramel Crème Pods

This pod begins with Wolfgang Puck's classic light roast and adds flavours of caramel and vanilla for a rich and sweet brew.   FEATURES Use In Soft Coffee Pod Brewers... Learn More

$10.99 CAD