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Single Serve

Illy Iperespresso Dark Espresso Capsules

This pod creates a delicate and sweet brew, with floral undertones and hints of spice. We love this pod for it's organic certification, but also it's clear notes of citrus,... Learn More


Illy Iperespresso Decaf Medium Roast Capsules

This incredible smooth and balanced espresso has undertones of caramel and chocolate for a rich espresso.   FEATURES Decaffeinated Compatible with Illy Iperespresso Brewers   ROAST: Medium Roast TASTING NOTES:... Learn More


Illy Iperespresso Lungo Espresso Capsules

The Lungo, or long espresso, is a medium roast espresso which brings the full flavour of Arabica beans for a rich and smooth brew.   FEATURES 100% Arabica Beans Compatible... Learn More


Illy Iperespresso Medium Espresso Capsules

Distinct notes of caramel and chocolate combine in this Arabica espresso blend to create a rich brew and sweet finish.   FEATURES 100% Arabica Beans Compatible with Illy Iperespresso Brewers... Learn More


Illy Monoarabica Brazil Capsules

With intense flavour and notes of chocolate, this espresso is a single origin coffee from Brazil. Brazil is the leading producer of Arabica coffee beans which produce a full and... Learn More


Illy MonoArabica Colombia Capsules

The unique combination of soil, altitude, and climate mean that this specific Colombian mountain range can harvest beans twice a year. This bold and intense espresso has complex flavour with... Learn More


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