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DAVIDsTEA Cream Of Earl Grey Loose Leaf Tea Sachets

Those who love Earl Grey will love this creamy take on a classic. Organic black tea leaves are blended with citrus bergamot and warm vanilla for a rich and creamy... Learn More
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DAVIDsTEA Forever Nuts Loose Leaf Tea Sachets

This tea takes on a whole new appearance once it's steeped. This combination of almonds, apple, and cinnamon bark turns a subtle shade of pink. The hint of beetroot causes... Learn More
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DAVIDsTEA Cinnamon Rooibos Chai Loose Leaf Tea Sachets

Cinnamon is the highlight of this Rooibos blend. It comes from aromatherapy principles that cinnamon enhances concentration. It's clean and refreshing taste is purifying and cleansing. South African rooibos, Zanzibar... Learn More

$9.99 CAD

DAVIDsTEA The Skinny Box Loose Leaf Sachets

The beautifying and health incentives of this tea are invaluable. Hydrate yourself using this pu'erh and oolong blend that has a strong tea flavour and a digestive element.   FEATURES... Learn More

$9.99 CAD

DAVIDsTEA Silk Dragon Jasmine Loose Leaf Tea Sachets

With organic green tea leaves sourced from Jiangxi and Fugian Provinces in China this is a wonderful green tea brew. Then, flavours of jasmine are layered in for a subtle... Learn More
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DAVIDsTEA Coffee Pu'erh Loose Leaf Tea Sachets

Pu'erh tea originated as a tribute to Chinese emperors more than a thousand years ago. The tea leaves of today still keep the same taste but the "cooked" varieties offer... Learn More

$9.99 CAD