Fellow Prismo Aeropress Coffee Maker Attachment

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Fellow Prismo Aeropress Coffee Maker Attachment

Fellow Prismo Aeropress Coffee Maker Attachment

$36.00 CAD


What is this Attachment About?

Fellow Prismo is a pressure activated valve that is designed to be attached to the AeroPress® Coffee Maker in order to allow for a buildup of pressure to create an espresso-style coffee and a no drip seal for a full immersion brew. Espresso-style, full-immersion, cold brew, hot/iced tea, americanos, and more—endless recipes are just waiting for you to discover them!



Pressure Actuated Valve – The secret weapon for “pulling a shot” with more pressure. The valve stays sealed until you press down. The valve’s small aperture also fits directly over an espresso shot glass.

No Drip Seal – Ditch the flip. Brew a full immersion without inverting your AeroPress®.

Reusable Etched Metal Filter – Cut out the middleman. The 80 micron etched fine metal filter stops sludge in its tracks. A paper filter can also be placed on top of the metal filter.


  • Compatible only with the AeroPress Coffee Maker
  • Body material - Polypropylene
  • Valve material - Silicone
  • 2.75 diameter, 1 tall
  • Reusable 70 micron etched fine stainless steel filter
  • AeroPress Coffee Maker not included

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