Gaggia Coffee Clean Tablets

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Gaggia Coffee Clean Tablets

Gaggia Coffee Clean Tablets

$19.95 CAD


To ensure that your Gaggia machine runs smoothly for years to come, Gaggia Coffee Clean Tablets are the perfect way to keep your espresso machine's brew unit clean and free of residue. Gaggia Coffee Clean Tablets are nontoxic, biodegradable tablets which remove calcium deposits, coffee oils, as well as other debris from the brew unit of your Gaggia Super Automatic Espresso Machine. With 6 tablets in a pack, Gaggia Coffee Clean Tablets are the ideal solution for thorough and efficient maintenance of your Gaggia machine.


Box of 6 tabets

Please note, these tablets are intended for brew group cleaning cycles only. For descaling, however, we recommend using Durgol Descaling Solution instead.

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