Rocket Tamping Station RAB9907200

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Rocket Tamping Station RAB9907200

Rocket Tamping Station RAB9907200

$99.95 CAD


This stainless steel Tamping Station from Rocket Espresso is the perfect companion to any Rocket machine, or any Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine in general. It keeps your portafilter level for easy and efficient tamping without dirtying your portafilter spouts, houses your tamper in the built-in seat, and keeps your beautiful counter-tops clean and damage free! When you’re done tamping, you can set the tamper down in the circular space to keep your tamper at hand and always ready.


The station is made from stainless steel for extra durability and it can quickly be disassembled for easy cleaning. With a beautiful aesthetic, it fits right next to your machine and makes it even easier to perfect your tamp!


Note: The Rocket Espresso Tamper is sold separately and can be ordered here 

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